Strong and Courageous – Beyond Evansing
Beyond Evansing - Courage of the Irish Kingdom


Twists and turns in life will create the need to be strong and courageous. In Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom, each of the characters encounters twists and turns.

Strong and Courageous

Princess Greer has to deal with the discouragement of her father, King Erith. But more so she has to remain strong to deal with the disappearance of her husband, Prince Edwin.  She has received reports telling her that Edwin has become an outlaw and is guilty of all kinds of heinous acts. In her heart, she knows that Edwin would never do such things. Still, the evidence seems overwhelming. This tests her ability to stay strong and courageous. Her support comes from regularly taking the Eucharist which strengthens her faith. As well her support comes from having a strong love relationship with Edwin.

Greer has to remain strong and courageous in the midst of her and family members being kidnapped. This of course requires great determination in order to stay calm and remain expectant of a good outcome. Imagine the trauma of a kidnapping, not only of yourself but also those who you love. In fact she plays a role in rescuing a most beloved family member. One needs to be strong and courageous in order to do that.


This blog has shared some examples of Greer showing herself strong and courageous. Also shared the means by which she helped to support herself. The strength of our relationships can play a major role in our own strength.