Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom

An eleventh century historical fantasy, written in a fast-paced, adventurous style. Centered around the pursuit of uniting the numerous small Irish kingdoms into one united Ireland. The story follows the hero’s personal transformation as he collaborates with the supernormal in war and diplomacy. A Tale involving a blend of adventure and inspiration to believe for an expanded sense of possibilities.

Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom is a new fantasy novel about the limitless possibilities life has to offer set in Celtic Ireland.

The hero, Edwin, awakens one morning to the awareness that he doesn’t want to live life the way he’s been living it. He is ready for a change. He has a strange new confidence that it is possible, even for him, to experience a new life.

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So begins this fantasy book filled with adventures, life wisdom and wrestling with the issues of the heart. These are all entwined in the characters’ pursuit of unifying the Irish Celts kingdoms into one united kingdom.

This book appeals to persons interested in the Irish Celts who not only want to be entertained but also know they have gained purposeful insights that can be applied in a beneficial way to their lives.

A fantasy book with charisma and passion talks about life and it’s surprises. Edwin is presented with an opportunity from that of a pauper to one of wealth and promise. His warrior ability, his courage and nobility were the pointing factors as to why he was chosen for this remarkable opportunity. This fantasy book then leads us to see that he had been noticed by important and influential people, showing these three remarkable qualities. His personal character is what lead him to be placed with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This new fantasy book shows a man placed with an opportunity to live a life he could never have dreamt of!

People of all walks of life can relate to this concept. We don’t always realize that we are being examined and reviewed by people we encounter in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, our actions and words will come back to haunt us. This fantasy book places emphasis on the fact that we are accountable for our actions, good and bad. When we are in public settings, people may overhear us – and could have an impact on us. Opportunities most often show up through people who are looking to find them, and it will add value to their lives.

There are many life lessons that we can take from this book. This fantasy novel places them in a scene which allows our imagination to run wild, whilst also taking key messages from it to apply to our everyday lives.