In order to help other budding novelists, Glen has dedicated this section to providing key novel writing tips to get you started on your novel writing journey.

Irish Novel

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Tips for writing a novel:

Identify the way of writing that is right for you.

Some authors need to carefully lay out the story they want when writing a novel. They may consider several alternative scenarios to a particular scene or chapter. They need to plot out the characters and the qualities of their individual traits. Other authors just go to their computer and start writing whatever comes, trusting that everything will fall in place.

It almost feels as though the book is writing itself. This doesn’t preclude the need to still edit and consider how the writing can be improved. You will know which way is right for you because there will be an ease and a flow to it. Writing fantasy should be a fun experience!

Write on a topic that naturally appeals to you

Draw upon your personal interests and experience, where you can. This will make the process much more fun and it will come out when writing a novel, which your readers will appreciate. This is one of my key novel tips!

When writing fantasy novels, make sure it has a message.

The most powerful novels are not only entertaining but also thought provoking. They express slices of life that are relevant for people today.

Many other novel writing tips are available online regarding writing a novel, but if you start off with the above as your foundation you could find yourself realizing your dream of being a successful author.

When it comes to writing fantasy novels, do grammatical rules apply?

Most novel writing tips will tell you the same thing. Dialogue in fiction should generally be consistent with the habits and speech patterns of the characters within it. This is a way to clearly convey their personalities, positioning them as individual characters with their own identity. So, in short – no. Something that is written too carefully will take away from your characters. Save your grammar skills for business reports and enjoy writing fantasy novel without such hard and fast rules!