Mysteries of Life – Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom
Unlimited - Anything is Possible
Glen E. Klassen


Mysteries of life consists of those areas of our lives which often make no sense at all. It may include the actions of loved ones that appear to us totally foolish. However, to them, it has become a reasonable way to do life. Perhaps what used to work no longer works as whatever we do encounters opposition. Then there are those times when without any effort at all things fall into place and extraordinary breakthroughs happen.

Mysteries of Life from Beyond Evansing

Sometimes our relationships include one or more people who confound us. The Evansing leadership had deep concerns about their hot and cold ally, King Clarendon of Tara. They had no confidence in his reliability. He had demonstrated a willingness to renege on previous promises. Now they wanted to go forward with the Quest but they had to resolve what to do with Clarendon. He appeared to be much influenced by however way he felt in any given moment. How could someone so pleasant and agreeable one day become so disagreeable and contrary on another? This particular mystery places Edwin and King Erith in a position which potentially could result in rather harsh measures. They needed to eliminate the uncertainty of his loyalty.

Sometimes we may decide to do something totally against out normal values, but the situation seems to dictate a different course of action. Edwin found himself in a tight and difficult circumstance which made him susceptible to seek out a Druid to assist them. Normally Edwin’s only intention with that Druid would be to kill him. Even though it was against his better judgment he decided the Druid was their only hope. It is a mystery of life when we purposely do something we know to be wrong. There are always consequences and deep down we know they aren’t good.