Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom Book Cover Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom
Glen Klassen
Historical Fantasy

Sometimes a useful role for a mentor can be to help us solve a business or similar type of life problem. Edwin brought Percival along to help in his pursuit to clear his servant Jaffa from a serious charge:
“Hmmm,’ the Sheriff said as he pondered this new development. ‘I must say you are right in saying they are much the same. What are your thoughts on the matter, Percival?’
‘Yes, I would say the alphabet characters Edwin has pointed out are very similar. Indeed to the point where it could be said they are written by the same person. Also notice how the writing is imprinted fairly deep in the parchment. Deeper than I would say most people write. The bill of sale reflects the same imprinting.”
In summary working with a mentor can be very rewarding and even essential to achieve your life goals. Having a wise person who has a heart to give us their best because they want to see us succeed is an invaluable resource. An important part of this is to treat a mentor with honor and respect so as ensure the mentoring relationship will flourish and last a long time. Thoughtful gifts and considerations should certainly be a part of this.