Life Mysteries – Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom
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Glen Klassen
Evansing Publishing


Life mysteries sometimes happen as a result of hidden motivations or motivations which change over time. Another major source includes past experiences unknown to us but profoundly impacting a person in their present ability or willingness to choose to do the right thing.

Life Mysteries

King Barris of Aldred should know the whole noble purpose of uniting the Irish Kingdoms centered around promoting the well-being of all Ireland. Concerns arose of Barris wanting benefits of a more selfish nature. In other words, he wanted his kingdom to focus on what they could gain directly instead of the overall benefits for everyone. This meant his motivations could taint the whole Quest and create distrust among the other allies and future allies. It’s a mystery when someone we think we can trust turns out not so trustworthy after all. This will require Edwin to reiterate the aims of the Quest to ensure Barris is onside with its true purpose.

An aggrieved party had petitioned King Erith concerning an injustice by a noble. However, Erith would not even hear their case. Now, what would cause a just king like Erith to not want to set this case right? Another puzzling mystery as to a person’s actions. Unknown hidden past can affect people to act in unexpected ways. Percival has the assignment to tread carefully with Erith in getting him to open up about this delicate matter.


As we can see life mysteries in our relationships frequently arises from the unseen internal workings of people. We think we know them and can rely on them. Then all of a sudden an unexpected response occurs and we don’t know what to make of it. It is important to not take for granted how people will respond. There is always a need to be aware of where people are at now.