Glen_Klassen_coverHistorical fantasy novel and inspirational book writer, Glen Klassen has personally enjoyed reading history and historical fiction since his childhood, inspired by historical novel writers since as long as he can remember. As a student he had the opportunity to spend a summer working in Dublin, Ireland. This gave him the opportunity to see up close the Irish people their culture and their country. He enjoyed his experience immensely and has a profound respect and love for the Irish people and their culture.

The author , Glen Klassen had the idea of becoming an author after waking up one morning with the following words popping into his head:”The door inched open ever so gingerly.” He went to his computer and wrote about the antics of gorillas that had escaped from the Cincinnati Zoo. After this initial short story he continued to write short pieces until the inspiration came for Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom.

Glen Klassen also has a passion for growing in personal capacity. An inspiring message about Braveheart sparked him to start writing about being a brave heart. As he did so the character, Edwin appeared out of the mists of time. After a paragraph he knew he could turn the story into an entire book. This desire for personal growth has led to the writing of a second book coming out February 10, 2016. This is a self-coaching, life inspirational book called, Unlimited – Anything is Possible. It includes many references to Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom which has been used as a source for illustrating the principles in the book.

The author is a professional accountant and speaker who creates awareness for solutions, whilst also pursuing his passion of being a writer of historical fantasies and books that inspire. He considers the role of mentoring his four grandchildren to be one of his most important roles in life.