What exactly is an Irish fantasy book?

Fantasy books are exactly as the name suggests. They take you on a journey, into surreal adventure and beyond. An Irish fantasy novel or book…. well! Imagine, the tales of the supernatural mixed with the Irish determination and passion for freedom.

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What’s the difference between Fantasy books and Historical fantasy books?

Fantasy novel can be situated anywhere and at any time without any reference to anything or anyone past or present. Historical fantasy novels are not concerned about actual historical events or people. Rather, it can use an actual country like Ireland as a place to situate the story but come up with an alternative history. As well it frequently has the supernatural as a part of the storyline.

What can you expect in fantasy books?

Fantasy books are a genre of fiction that use supernatural phenomena and often magic to set the setting and overarching theme of the story. Sometimes, you can be taken to an imaginary world in fantasy books like this – imagine magical creatures and superhuman powers. Generally, fantasy books are distinguished from horror and science fiction in that they tend to steer clear of scientific themes. There can however, often be an overlap between the three as they are all sub-genres of speculative fiction.

Will I enjoy Fantasy books, namely historical fantasy books?

If you enjoy the story lines that talk about ancient myths and legends you will enjoy the genre of historical fantasy books. Fantasy books are a vibrant area of academic study – English, cultural studies, comparative literature, history and medieval studies.

It is often described as a liminal space to work on the connections between literacy, politics and history between medievalism and popular culture. So, if you have an interest after reading all for this, Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom is the next fantasy book you should read!