Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom Book Cover Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom

EVANSING: INSPIRATION AND ENTERTAINMENT – The novel, “Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom” (Evansing) is a book designed to inspire and to entertain. Many people like to be entertained and inspired as they take a break from the normal demands of everyday life. With Evansing you will be whisked away to another time and yet discover the characters to be much like our world today. Their world was much different from ours when considering infrastructure and modern conveniences. Yet they enjoyed life and felt pain as we do. They experienced relational challenges and many of the other struggles we experience in our daily lives. They too had the freedom to choose how they would respond.

Comments from reviewers have noted how they like the characters in Evansing. I myself have quite enjoyed them and have been amazed at how consistent they are through Evansing. They each have their own unique voice. This voice has continued in the sequel which I am currently writing. They have strengths and weaknesses like all humans do. Sometimes those strengths can be incredibly generous and other times because of their rule over others their weaknesses can wreak great pain and loss in the lives of others.

When I wrote Evansing it was truly a case of a flow that took over when I went to the computer. Rarely if ever did I consider what I would write next if I wasn’t in front of my computer. Even in front of my computer I normally would just start writing and the story would unfold as I did so. Seldom did I have ‘writer’s block’. Only when I was within about twenty pages of what became the ending did I start experiencing angst and some blocks as I was trying to figure out how to end it. Then I realized I had already created a natural way to do so.

I acknowledge that this book is not for everybody. However I have noted that the people who like the book tend to really like the book. Be adventurous and check it out. You may be one of those fortunate ones who really likes it.