Courageous – Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom
"Unlimited - Anything is Possible" Book Cover "Unlimited - Anything is Possible"
Glen E. Klassen

Introduction to Courageous

The sequel to Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom has a special focus on Edwin the courageous leader. He has especially stretchy experiences that test his courage. We all have seasons when life is pushing us to keep going and face challenges head-on. During those times we may be tempted to put the covers over our head and stay in bed. Nevertheless, we got up and decided to face the world and do our best.  Being courageous means facing our fears of whatever form they come in. Edwin had to face a wide array of obstacles and difficulties that at times threaten to push him to despair. He chose to demonstrate courage.


Edwin encounters situations way over his head requiring him to stay calm and encourage himself. One such circumstance especially tested him. This involved almost all of his men including Percival disappearing without a trace. He only had several men remaining and had to make a tough decision under pressure to recover the missing men. He did manage to find the rest of his men and Percival. Unfortunately, that decision now led himself and his remaining men also into the same dark place as the others. Edwin had allowed pressure to cause him to make a hasty decision against his values. This happens to all of us where we experience a need to solve a problem and take an expedient course of action. More often than not a better solution existed if we had considered our options a little more closely.

Sometimes we will hear news other than how we would like it to be. Edwin had received encouraging news from a friend of Percival. But wait something was missing. What about Orla his daughter? There had been no comforting assuring news about her. Edwin struggled with keeping his calm about this disappointment. It required him to display the courageous leader within.

Conclusion to Courageous

Edwin had to demonstrate courage in circumstances where much was at stake. He didn’t always respond perfectly but he always recovered his ability to stay strong.