Courage and Strength And Great Resolve

Courage and Strength And Great Resolve
Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom

Courage and strength are essential to living a successful life. Without these qualities the problems of life will wear us down and cause us to abandon or avoid what is necessary for fruitful and meaningful lives. In the following excerpt from Evansing we note
Carson’s willingness to take on something difficult: “News of this young boy missing especially touched Carson. He’d had a close call with his eight year old brother the year before. He remembered the torment his family went through when his brother had wandered into the forest. The searchers found him three days later in a very dehydrated condition. His little brother would not have lasted another day.
So with great resolve to make a difference, Carson first went to the parents to ask for some information regarding their son. They were ambivalent about talking to someone from Evansing, but their love for their son overcame their prejudices. Carson gleaned that their son liked to go into the nearby streams. Together they studied drawings of where the streams were located and a description of the terrain. They weren’t deep or fast streams, but if Josh had gone into one he could lose the hunting dogs engaged in the search. It seemed as though Carson had a sixth sense about where Josh had gone, for he headed in a direction where nobody considered looking. It was a particularly forlorn area and difficult to enter. The entry though was a stream that wound its way through the middle of that area.”
As we note it was with “great resolve to make a difference” that Carson undertook a difficult and as we later discover a dangerous mission to rescue the missing boy.

Courage and strength will always be necessary to engage the tasks or processes necessary to refine us to be who we need to be in order to create a large life. In the course of doing the difficult the hidden treasures that lie within us come to the surface. New genius is discovered which leads to the joy that comes from the satisfaction realized.

Cultivating joy is an important component of being strong. The Bible says “the joy of the Lord is my strength.” We all feel able to do most anything when we are in a positive frame of mind and emotions. Joy is an integral part of this. Getting focused on something good or perhaps dancing in our cubicle, whatever it takes, are useful for restoring joy.

Facing our fears is a way to build our courage to do the tasks or pursue the projects that may at first even appear to be impossible. This doesn’t mean that you take on the giants in the land right off the bat. It may simply mean you join a Toastmasters group and begin speaking on a regular basis in front of a group of people. This will build your courage and strength levels as it is commonly stated that public speaking is one of the most common fears. Another way is take on a leadership position in an organization. This extra pressure will strengthen your inner being resulting in a new ability to take on even greater challenges. A key here is to get relatively comfortable with discomfort. In other words embrace the discomfort. You choose to value the benefits of the desired outcome as more important than the discomfort experienced to achieve it.

Here we have a major stumbling block to great achievement. Often people want to achieve greatness without the pain and discomfort of the journey to get there. That is living in a fantasy.

What would we think of an explorer in the 1700s in North America who didn’t like the idea of being uncomfortable? Naturally we would think he is being unrealistic and would question whether he should be considering a vocation of explorer. It’s like a missionary being sent to a small village in Africa who doesn’t like dirt. The prognosis would not be good for them to stay long.

Courage and strength and great resolve to make a difference is necessary in order to live a life we can look back upon and say we truly lived the life we were created for. Start developing a mindset of “Yes, I can do that” whenever considering the achievement of a new important goal. Progressively your automatic response of “I can” will replace the old automatic response of “I can’t.”

Another book you can read on Courage is called: “Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously.” I haven’t read it personally but it does have high rating reviews. It is available at

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Living Without Limits Part 2

Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom


Living without limits is what Edwin was doing when he decided to see what he could do on his own about the invading party.

“At first Edwin couldn’t hear anything, but after about two hundred yards he started to hear the rearguard of the Tissus party. The raiders were unusually loud, which indicated they must be extremely confident, even to the point of being overconfident. Was it because they had an extra-large number of men or was it because of something else which gave them an advantage?”

A perquisite for living without limits is courage. In this case Edwin’s courage gave him an awareness as to what was unusual about the behavior of the raiders and then be able to evaluate different possible reasons for it.

“Edwin continued to gain ground and wondered how he could make a difference with such a large force. A thought came to him. He had his bow and a full quiver of arrows with him. With one arrow he could take out Alwyn and the whole Tissus base of confidence would be gone.”

Limitless thinking opened Edwin to receive thoughts that now made possible a situation when only moments before it looked impossible. It reminds me of David facing Goliath. An unarmed teenager except for a slingshot and some stones facing a heavily armed and armored foe. Yet he defeated Goliath in a rather dramatic fashion. He actually ran toward the giant telling him he was going to cut his head off. By the way, David didn’t even have a sword. He counted on using Goliath’s own sword for that. His limitless thinking resulted in David being catapulted into a whole new life.

Edwin found himself in such a situation:

“With great care and self-assurance Edwin drew back his bow and aimed at Alwyn’s heart. Then with deadly accuracy the arrow went straight into Alwyn’s heart.”

Mission accomplished, but now he needed to get away.

Edwin’s courage and noble way of being had attracted the attention of some very powerful people. Consequently as he is running for his life he is rescued in a most unexpected way.

Sometimes our lives will experience something almost akin to that because of our determination to refuse to accept limits on what is possible for our lives. We must choose  to live a life of living without limits.

As indicated above Edwin was also prepared for the opportunity when it came. He had established great skill with his bow and could confidently release the arrow knowing it would hit its mark. The other area of preparation was his development of courage and a noble way of being. It is interesting to note that even though in many ways Edwin had a rough violent way about him nevertheless he also had a side of wanting to do the right thing which led him to living without limits. Sometimes we may be frustrated by a perceived lack of the qualities we think we need in order to achieve some amazing accomplishment. We don’t have to be perfect in order to be living without limits. However we need to know which qualities are especially important for us to focus on and develop. Edwin’s desire for something better led him on the path of where to place his focus in his development. It undoubtedly was messy and wouldn’t have looked very smooth to an outside observer, but it was accomplishing the necessary changes in Edwin. In order for us to be prepared there needs to be the motivation to do the preparation. This will require us to connect with our passion, genius and calling in life.

Living Without Limits

Living Without Limits

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Living Without Limits

Living Without Limits
Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom Book Cover Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom
Glen Klassen
Historical Fantasy
Create Space
March, 2013

There are resistances to living without limits. They are known as fear and discomfort. Refusing to face our fears and and an unwillingness to experience discomfort has limited many people to living predictable lives far short of their potential. I am reminded of seeing Olympic downhill skiers racing down a slope even when the conditions are treacherous. They refuse to play it safe. They have one goal in mind and that is to win the gold medal.

Edwin had such a decision to make. He realized there was a raiding party from an enemy kingdom. He then warned a nearby village of the danger. They started to get ready to defend themselves. When the villagers discovered that the enemy was headed away from them toward another village they disagreed with Edwin as to the next step.

“The chieftain started to talk over with some of the clan’s leaders whether it was wise to risk their lives for people down the road. They would be against a party far superior to them in size. Edwin interrupted them and said it was the only right thing to do. He encouraged them to consider that next time it may be their turn to have the people down the road help them. Several of the men told Edwin to mind his own business. The chieftain said his priority was the safety of his village… He did not think it wise to endanger his people when the odds were so against them. Further imploring was useless. Edwin decided he could not stay with them.”

Like Edwin, sometimes we will recognize the need to no longer hang out with certain people. Everyone is on their own journey and consequently in different stages of life. When we have a clear sense of wanting to do something heroic so our life makes a difference, there will be a need to be willing to move on, sometimes alone.

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