Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom Chapter 3

Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Percival, I have an idea on how to discover what makes Clarendon so susceptible to swings in his support of the Quest,” said Edwin.

“What is it?”

“Why don’t we simply ask him?

“You aren’t serious?

“Yes, I am serious. We have tried befriending, cajoling and persuading him to be our ally. As well, Greer has spent time mentoring and befriending his daughter, Kendy. You’ve indicated that going into his dreams like you did with Carson is not an option. Please explain again to me why you can’t.

“It has all to do with authority. I had authority from Erith to intervene in the dreams of Carson. Erith does not have adequate authority over Clarendon.

Edwin replied, “Therefore, we now have the duty to get Clarendon solidly in line with the Quest. We cannot afford to have a wobbly ally. Either he is totally for us or else firmer measures need to be taken.”

“What you are proposing is serious. It could backfire and cause us the loss of a valued ally.”

“I appreciate the risk. However, we can’t afford to have an iffy ally. I would prefer to go to war against Clarendon than find out he won’t support us when we need him.”

“Let’s go and share this with Erith.”

As the two men walked to see the King, Percival reflected on how mature Edwin had become during the past two years. Edwin had developed a tremendous inner strength and wisdom. This gave him the confidence to hold his own with Percival.

The King was available and they were ushered into his presence.

“Welcome, Percival and Edwin. What would you like to discuss?

Edwin replied, “I have considered our problem with Clarendon and have decided it is imperative for the long-term success of the Quest to ensure his absolute loyalty. Even to the point of going to war if necessary. Pain now will spare us much pain later.”


After several moments the King responded, “That as you know is a very extreme response. But I believe you are right. I want you and Percival to go and inform him of the need of a firm commitment for troops and supplies in our initial war with Nerland. If he does not appear to be solidly in alignment with that then we must first check his willingness to fulfill his commitment before commencing action against him. Of course if he outright refuses then we will issue an ultimatum prior to attack, giving him time to reconsider.”

“I will send a message to Clarendon today requesting that he meet with you and Percival within a fortnight.”

“I would like to bring Greer as well”

“No, I would prefer you didn’t. This mission is potentially too dangerous for her.”

“But she has great influence with him.”

“Yes, but what about when she is not there? No, Clarendon has to be with us because he firmly believes in the Quest, not because Greer sways him for a time.”

“Yes, Sire.”

Edwin and Percival left the King’s quarters and walked back to Percival’s place. They would discuss the upcoming trip and how to make it most worthwhile.

“I was surprised at Erith’s response to my request to bring Greer. He must be sensing that Clarendon may respond sharply even to the request for help. Why couldn’t Clarendon be a simple easy to figure out kind of guy? But no, we have all these intrigues with no clear sense of where he is at from one time to the next. I now see Erith’s wisdom in not bringing Greer. It would only provide a temporary fix which would disappear as soon as Greer left his presence.”

“Yes, Edwin, people are often complex. This experience with Clarendon is a wonderful opportunity for us to grow in our wisdom in dealing with such complexities.”

“My head says you are right, but my heart is just plain frustrated.”

“Yes, I’m sure you are. Let us now devote our time to planning our approach to be successful in obtaining a firm commitment.”

“How can any planning help with such a personality? We may sway him with our clever reasoning only to see him to change his mind later.”

“Nevertheless, we must try,” replied Percival.

“Where do we begin?”

“I have decided the reason for Clarendon’s wavering is a lack of faith in Evansing’s and its allies’ ability to protect him and his kingdom. He needs to feel protected or in other words he needs to feel safe. I came to this conclusion because when someone is wholeheartedly focused on a particular objective, they no longer concern themselves about personal safety but rather the attainment of the objective.

“That’s a plausible insight. How do we convince him that we can protect him? After all we can’t guarantee his safety.

“I know. But then safety is often mainly a perception. If we can move him to perceive Tara being protected and safe then that will be enough.”

“What magic are you going to use to accomplish that?

“No magic. I will create an illusion in his mind indiscernible from his present illusion.”

“Oh, what illusion does he have now?”

“The one that makes him feel unsafe.”

“I thought you said you didn’t have authority to do a major intervention in his dreams like you did with Carson?”

“I don’t. This will be done by other means which are totally benign and legal for me to do.”

“Great, now what is it?”

“I am asking for two angels to continually speak soothing messages into his spirit. These messages contain thoughts of feeling safe and protected. When I called it an illusion I was actually just saying it for effect. Belief would be a better word. If Clarendon believes he is safe then he will feel safe. Once he feels safe he will be more open to taking the kinds of risks necessary for him to be a valuable ally in the Quest.”

“When do the two angels start? Do we still need to go to Tara?”

“They start today and will continue non-stop for a fortnight. Then we go to Tara to check out Clarendon first hand. We will send a messenger next week requesting a meeting for a date as close as possible after the fortnight is completed.

“Is it guaranteed that he will respond to the angel messages?”

“No, he still has free will. If his spirit is so muddled that he can’t respond positively to the messages then he may well be indifferent to them. However, I am expecting him to respond well.”

“What if he doesn’t respond well?”

“If there is no change then I turn over to you the next step.”

“If there is some change then I say we ask the angels to do it again.”

“How are we going to check him out the second time?”

“Erith could invite him to Evansing. If Clarendon says he can’t or won’t come then I would say he’s not going to change the way we need him to. Our next communication would be the ultimatum.”

Edwin replied, “I feel tingly at the thought of Erith issuing the ultimatum.”

“Yes, I’m sure you do. The warrior in you wants to get back in action, even when it’s not the best outcome. You will need to work on that inclination so it’s only activated when absolutely necessary. Now let’s start drafting our letter to Clarendon.”

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Beyond Evansing – Chapter 2 of Sequel to Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom

Beyond Evansing – Chapter 2 of Sequel to Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom
Beyond Evansing Book Cover Beyond Evansing
Glen Klassen
Historical Fantasy

Chapter 2

“Sire, Edwin wishes to meet with you.”

“So early? It must be urgent. Send him in”

“Good morning, Sire. I have a pressing matter to discuss with you. The time has come to resume the Quest.” He then went on to relate his encounters with Joan of Arc.

When he finished, Erith looked quizzically, not quite certain how to respond.

After a moment of silence, he replied, “Previously I would have been ecstatic at this news. Now I find myself more concerned about all the costs and losses associated with it. Yet I have been less than happy with not pursuing it. There you have it. A conundrum, I am neither glad about resuming it nor am I happy about not resuming it. What a wretched place to be.”

Edwin was tempted to speak but then stopped himself to see what Erith would say next.

After several moments of silence, Erith looked up at Edwin and said, “Well, what do you say to that?”

“It is not an option. It is a command.”

“Yes, you are correct about that. Knowing it isn’t simply my decision helps me to deal with the costs and losses that are part of this call. First thing we must do is call a meeting of the Evansing Council in order to get the members aware of what has transpired. At the same time we will need to discuss how to resolve Nerland. That will be the first order of business for the resumption of the Quest. Then we will want to establish a plan in how to approach our allies with the news and our initial plans concerning Nerland.

The next morning the members of the Evansing Council were buzzing with curiosity as to the reason for calling the meeting on such short notice.

Erith called the meeting to order.

“Fellow council members, this meeting is to advise you that the time has come to resume the Quest to unite Ireland into one glorious Kingdom. It will require stout hearts and a need to order our affairs accordingly. This is a divinely ordained mission intended to create a flourishing Irish society for many generations to come. A noble pursuit, of which, we can all be proud.

The next several hours were spent hammering out the plan to restore Nerland to the fold of allies. The Council decided that plans for attacking Merethath would be determined after Nerland had been fully secured. After a short break, the meeting resumed to determine how the news and Nerland plan should be shared with its allies. The biggest hindrance would be the same as what Evansing had to face, namely, contentment with the status quo.

An evaluation of each ally was done as follows:

Tara – King Clarendon was still considered an ally, but certainly not a strong one. He seems to be much influenced by how he feels at any particular moment. A key would be to try and get a feel for where he is presently. What would be better is to discover the source of his mercurial temperament and remove it once and for all. Edwin and Percival are to search for a solution.

Dagarath – King Jillian has increasingly warmed up to the possibilities of his kingdom benefiting from a united Ireland. At this early stage, Dagarath would enjoy status as part of the initial insider group with Evansing. It may be fairly easy to prod them into action. Edwin, accompanied by his good friend and fellow officer, Eamon, are to pay them a visit.

Aldred – King Barris of course was closely aligned to the interests of Evansing. His daughter Chandra was married to King Erith’s nephew, Carson. As well, Barris increasingly saw the advantages of resuming the Quest as a means of expanding his kingdom’s influence throughout Ireland. This was both gratifying and troubling to Erith. He did not know if Barris was maintaining a noble ambition for the good of all Ireland. Or was it now tainted with selfishness?  He would personally visit Barris and reiterate the true objective of the Quest.

Randar – King Chafen had recently expressed that for him to participate in any future Quest ventures he must receive substantial compensation. This came as a complete surprise as previously he appeared to be very compliant to the wishes of Evansing. To comply with his request would create a dangerous precedent. It would make Randar more of a mercenary than an ally. The Council postponed further discussion on how to deal with Randar.

Obstacles needed to be overcome with their own allies before proceeding any further. This did not faze Erith. He knew anything great could not be accomplished without opposition. He and his fellow Council members would together see these obstacles removed. Once again a coherent alliance would be formed and continue the Quest.


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Beyond Evansing – Chapter 1 of Sequel to Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom

Beyond Evansing

Beyond Evansing - Chapter 1

Beyond Evansing is the sequel to Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom.

Chapter 1
Two years had passed since the Quest for uniting Ireland had come to a distressing halt.
Erith, the King of Evansing did his best to stay in good spirits. He worked diligently at strengthening the gains made by working closely with the Kingdoms of Aldred, Tara, Dagarath and Randar. Prince Edwin and his wife, Princess Greer, played vital roles in building and maintaining those relationships. Progress had been made, but not as much as had been hoped for.
There had been no indication the Quest was about to resume, until one night, Joan of Arc reappeared in a dream to Edwin. In the dream, Joan communicated the time of resuming the Quest had arrived. Edwin woke with a start. He considered what Joan had said. Mulling over the dream he wondered if it was simply his wishful thinking. Then Joan appeared in his bedchamber in full armor riding a war horse. She glared at him with a fierce look, and disappeared. Now he knew the time to recommence the Quest had come.
He was too excited to sleep and lay in bed pondering all the implications of resuming the Quest. He acknowledged that it would not be easy to shift back into that gear. A certain comfort level had been attained with just maintaining things as they were. Other than the occasional skirmish with the Kingdom of Nerland, now the lackey of Merethath, there had been a state of peace. This proved to be quite enjoyable and a source of prosperity for Evansing and her allies. Greer enjoyed having her husband by her side and being able to accompany him on visits to their allies. She would be disappointed at discovering this would change.
In the morning, Edwin watched his wife rouse out of her sleep. She reached for her husband and held him close, feeling rather amorous. Edwin normally of course would have been delighted at this initiation by his wife. However, this morning his mind and emotions were caught up with the Quest and he found it impossible to shift into something light and delightful like making love. He had to gently disengage to the chagrin of his mate.
“Greer, I need to talk to you about something very important.”
“What can be so important as to spoil our fun?”
“The Quest. Joan of Arc appeared to me in a dream and showed up in our bedchamber in full military array with her war horse. That tells me it’s very important.”
“You are saying she showed up unannounced in our bedchamber?”
“Yes, with her horse.”
“Isn’t that a lack of protocol? It doesn’t seem proper for her to do that, no matter how important her message.”
“Perhaps, but she doesn’t do this on her own. I felt uncertain as to whether the dream truly meant to resume the Quest or was it my wishful thinking. Then she showed up in our bedchamber. That left no doubt and it means it’s time to get on the move.”
“I don’t want you to go to war again. I like our life just the way it is.”
“I like our lives too, but it’s not what we were created for.”
“Edwin, I don’t know if I can do that keeping a brave face and not worrying when you go to war. I don’t know what I would do if you died.”
“His Grace will keep us both strong and able to handle whatever we must face. Remember your original determination to not worry about what would happen to me. We both are committed to living lives that transcend merely being concerned with everyday comforts and desires. We want to live lives that count for generations yet to come.
“Yes, you are right. However it’s not easy.”
“I know you will be the courageous Princess you are.”
“Now I need to go see Erith and let him know what has happened. I’m sure he will be excited to get started.”
“This may be just what he needs to get into a happier way of being. He certainly hasn’t been very cheerful the past few months. He looks like he’s lacking purpose and finding it hard to maintain the present routine. His personality requires something more.”
“More has come. I will see you later”

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