Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom Twists and Turns

Edwin once again answers the call to pursue the Quest to unite the Irish Kingdoms. This sequel to Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom continues on with the characters loved in the first book. There are many twists and turns as unexpected obstacles keep getting in the way. Edwin continues to grow in developing the character necessary to be a truly noble prince.

We all experience seasons of our lives where twists and turns almost seem the norm. Edwin dwells in that season throughout this book. Consequently, he needs to go to another level of inner strength and maturity. This book demonstrates his frailty in moments of frustration. At times he experiences despair. However, he is a leader and his men count on him to show them the way. In Edwin’s case, not only his men, but the Kingdom of Evansing and the future of all Ireland depend on his ability to bounce back.

Typically, we feel the personal pain of loss in a situation. This may incline us to a downward spiral or  counterproductive responses. However, like Edwin we need to realize others depend on us to get back up and respond well. People like those near and dear, such as family. Who of us wants to let down our spouse, kids or even grandkids. In addition to those, there could be extended family members, friends, co-workers and the list goes on.