Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom Review

The following Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom review has indicated extensive thoughts on this book.

Overall Impressions

Whilst reading through the story, the plot, characters and landscape, I noted the events related closely to the historical time when Ireland consisted of different kingdoms.  The settings of the forest, the hills, and the open moorland are well described. The contrast of darkness and light representing good and evil infuses the atmosphere of the countryside, fortresses and villages.

As a reader I could concentrate upon the tone of the novel as it is full of changing scenarios.  The book’s short sentences are very clear and direct. The longer ones, carefully constructed to give a sense of continuity.   I wondered what would happen next as the novel progressed.  The author must have powerful images as he writes…

The Story as Narrative

Themes compose a vital part of your story as they fuse together the culture of a nation divided with the struggle for power and control, protectionism, contradictions of belief within families, villages and kingdoms.  These themes of hate and love, despair and hope, trust and mistrust, courage and cowardice, good and evil make very distinctive binary opposites to shape the key purpose, as the direction of the main plot and sub-plots progress and integrate.

I could imagine your Story told orally as a legend passed down from generation to generation. The telling of a story is in its belief and viability as a whole.

The Characters

A variety of characters from villains, kings, princes, princesses (mother and daughter) servants, holy men (contrast of monks and druids), foreign invaders like the crusaders, military personnel of all ranks.  Their feelings, actions and words fused together to make them believable within their station. royalty or service, rich or poor and what behaviors were expected of them.   The drama of choice and the making of a wise decision is evident throughout.

June Meyer

Retired professor from the  University College of the Fraser Valley BC in the field of Early Childhood Education