Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom Review Part 3

Another enthusiastic review by a reader delighted with Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom.


Glen Klassen has finally broken the suspense he has kept his readers in for almost four years! He has now released the sequel to his fiction novel, Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom! This means his tale of the quest for a united Irish kingdom continues in the second episode, Beyond Evansing – Courage of the Irish Kingdom.

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Glen spares no time in getting us underway again on the mission for which King Erith first brought Edwin to Evansing. True to the form of his first book in this series, he steers us through many twists and turns, incorporating the relationship between the physical and spiritual realms, the battle of good versus evil, and the elation of victory intertwined with seeming defeat. As a result, the courage of Edwin continues to grow amidst warfare, kidnappings, spiritual battles, time travel and heartbreak. He also continues to grow in wisdom and discernment as a true Crown Prince of the kingdom. Glen has a unique way of using imagery and conversation to bring out demonstrable truths, both relational and spiritual, to help cement a higher road for all of us to ponder.


This sequel will not disappoint the reader who was captured and has been held spell bound after experiencing the first adventures of Edwin, Greer, King Erith and Percival in 11th Century Ireland through the pages of Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom.


Ruth Yesmaniski, Author, Editor, Book Shepherd