Beyond Evansing

Beyond Evansing - Chapter 1

Beyond Evansing is the sequel to Evansing – Heart of the Irish Kingdom.

Chapter 1
Two years had passed since the Quest for uniting Ireland had come to a distressing halt.
Erith, the King of Evansing did his best to stay in good spirits. He worked diligently at strengthening the gains made by working closely with the Kingdoms of Aldred, Tara, Dagarath and Randar. Prince Edwin and his wife, Princess Greer, played vital roles in building and maintaining those relationships. Progress had been made, but not as much as had been hoped for.
There had been no indication the Quest was about to resume, until one night, Joan of Arc reappeared in a dream to Edwin. In the dream, Joan communicated the time of resuming the Quest had arrived. Edwin woke with a start. He considered what Joan had said. Mulling over the dream he wondered if it was simply his wishful thinking. Then Joan appeared in his bedchamber in full armor riding a war horse. She glared at him with a fierce look, and disappeared. Now he knew the time to recommence the Quest had come.
He was too excited to sleep and lay in bed pondering all the implications of resuming the Quest. He acknowledged that it would not be easy to shift back into that gear. A certain comfort level had been attained with just maintaining things as they were. Other than the occasional skirmish with the Kingdom of Nerland, now the lackey of Merethath, there had been a state of peace. This proved to be quite enjoyable and a source of prosperity for Evansing and her allies. Greer enjoyed having her husband by her side and being able to accompany him on visits to their allies. She would be disappointed at discovering this would change.
In the morning, Edwin watched his wife rouse out of her sleep. She reached for her husband and held him close, feeling rather amorous. Edwin normally of course would have been delighted at this initiation by his wife. However, this morning his mind and emotions were caught up with the Quest and he found it impossible to shift into something light and delightful like making love. He had to gently disengage to the chagrin of his mate.
“Greer, I need to talk to you about something very important.”
“What can be so important as to spoil our fun?”
“The Quest. Joan of Arc appeared to me in a dream and showed up in our bedchamber in full military array with her war horse. That tells me it’s very important.”
“You are saying she showed up unannounced in our bedchamber?”
“Yes, with her horse.”
“Isn’t that a lack of protocol? It doesn’t seem proper for her to do that, no matter how important her message.”
“Perhaps, but she doesn’t do this on her own. I felt uncertain as to whether the dream truly meant to resume the Quest or was it my wishful thinking. Then she showed up in our bedchamber. That left no doubt and it means it’s time to get on the move.”
“I don’t want you to go to war again. I like our life just the way it is.”
“I like our lives too, but it’s not what we were created for.”
“Edwin, I don’t know if I can do that keeping a brave face and not worrying when you go to war. I don’t know what I would do if you died.”
“His Grace will keep us both strong and able to handle whatever we must face. Remember your original determination to not worry about what would happen to me. We both are committed to living lives that transcend merely being concerned with everyday comforts and desires. We want to live lives that count for generations yet to come.
“Yes, you are right. However it’s not easy.”
“I know you will be the courageous Princess you are.”
“Now I need to go see Erith and let him know what has happened. I’m sure he will be excited to get started.”
“This may be just what he needs to get into a happier way of being. He certainly hasn’t been very cheerful the past few months. He looks like he’s lacking purpose and finding it hard to maintain the present routine. His personality requires something more.”
“More has come. I will see you later”