Awareness Requires the Right Action
Evansing - Heart of the Irish Kingdom

Awareness is of no use if a person does not respond in some concrete way, either to begin something new or to quit doing something contrary to the well-being of self or others. There must be courage to take steps to implement the required change. This can be very difficult, especially if there is a lot of investment tied into the previous belief and behavior. There have been examples of military commanders still going ahead with battle plans even after new intelligence indicated that the plans would not work. Their ego investment would not allow them to change and the results were disastrous with many lives needlessly lost. Of course even everyday opportunities to change can be ignored simply because it’s uncomfortable. Quite often this is due to some sort of fear of the consequences of the change. Even when it is apparent it will lead to better long-term benefits. People can have fear of failure or even fear of success. This will result in a person staying in a dead end job or abusive relationship because it’s familiar and in a perverse way, comfortable.

It is worth investing a little more in the topic of fear. I once heard in a movie trailer that “fear rots the brain.” That is a very succinct and accurate representation of the effects of fear. It distorts our thinking. Fear blocks ones awareness or at least can impair our willingness to acknowledge the new awareness trying to take root in our consciousness. This can be due to the new awareness being costly in some manner. Perhaps it will affect our finances or maybe we need to release a relationship. Whatever the cost it is important to recognize the awareness that has arisen and be willing to not let the fear of loss influence our decision. All true awareness has the purpose of improving our long-term well-being even if there is a sacrifice in the short-term. Of course this raises the question of accurate discernment as to what appears to be a new awareness. In the event of a serious consequence it is wise to get counsel from someone we trust or go to an authoritative source able to give us a definitive answer.

Decide to stop being driven by fear. Until you can get to a place of peace refuse to make a decision. And decide to start or stop doing those things you know your new awareness is telling you.